Litter Box Training Tips and Tricks

December 14
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Cats are usually known to be clean in nature. They don't want their fur to get messy. Because of this nature, pet owners train their kittens on the best way to maintain this behavior by training them on the best way to get rid of their waste ,by use of a litter box. If you wish to train your kitten to make use of the litter box effectively, here are some tips for on how to litter train a kitten:

Choose the right size of litter box

Ensure that the litter box is not very big and not very small. It could either be the disposable or the permanent one. Others have automatic cleaning tools inside, for example, the storage bags and the rake . As a matter of fact,looking for the right box is quite tricky especially if it's your first time.The Internet will however help you to a great deal when searching for one.

Establish the Desired Behavior

Kittens are naturally very curious due to the excitement of being in a new world where everything seems mysterious. They also have a natural instinct to relieve themselves freely whenever the urge comes their way. Despite the fact that this is a cat's nature, you actually don't want them to spoil your carpet or furniture. For this reason, you have to establish the correct behavior as early as possible by training your kitten to use its litter box. This is done by making your kitten aware of the box immediately it comes into your home.

Enforce the Desired Behavior

When you spot your cat getting ready to relieve itself on the wrong place and not the litter boxstrongly condemn this. If this happens, shout a Big "No" as you lift it up and place it in the litter box. This could be all that is required to train your young kitten,The duration it takes to associate the urge to relieve themselves and the box however varies from one kitten to another.

Make The Litter Box Accessible

Preparing the little cat to use the litter box implies you must be persistent. It is bad to relocate the box to somewhere else after the kitten has started sticking to a given location. Do whatever it takes not to have it in a room with a shut door or have some other obstacles that that makes the box inaccessible.

Keep the Box Tidy

Cats are finicky creatures and some of them will actually decline to use an unclean litter box. If the litter box is in a mess, then they will just go elsewhere in the house and relieve themselves or perhaps relieve themselves somewhere on the floor near the box.

By following these you can rest assured that your endeavors of training a disciplined kitten who will never make you house messy,will be fruitful in the long last and you will always be in good terms with your pet.

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