Tips for Introducing a New Kitten to a Home with a Cat

November 2
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If you are a cat lover, then you are one of the many that treat their pet felines as family. There will come a period when you would want to how to introduce cats. Before getting a new kitten or a new cat to add to your family, you should think of some things first. Adding a new cat together with your old one may not be as easy as simply getting another gadget or toy. You'll have to consider the personality of your old cat and his or her feelings.

When you get a new cat, you can't expect that your old one will be accustomed to the new comer immediately. In fact, they may not have the capacity to get along from the get go. Cats are exceptionally unpredictable, so the time that the new and old cats are able to adjust with each other can vary. Here are a few things that you can do and remember when bringing a new cat home:

Have a friend bring in the new cat or kitten within a cat carrier and place it in a separate room in your home. You ought to give it its own particular toys, water and nourishment dishes, a comfortable cat bed, scratching post and obviously its own particular litter box. This can allow your new cat or kitten to adjust to nature of your homes fragrances.

You ought to never force both cats to meet on the first day, since both cats would in all probability wind up fighting. You ought to swap the cats occasionally. Place the old cat within the room where you placed the new cat and allow the new comer to roam openly within the house.

Tantrums and outbursts can be normal from either cat during the adjustment period. Through this time, you should be patient and show affection for both cats. Then again, you'll have to do it separately to avoid increasing the pressure of competition between them.

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