Four Interesting Facts About Kittens
July 20
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Kittens are are loved by everyone and they fascinate us with their cute looks and adorable activities! Here are some interesting facts about them:

1) Kittens are very energetic and would always look to play with other pets you have at home. If you have no other pets they would play with you as they are usually very friendly towards their owners.

2) Kittens open other eyes only after 1 week after they are born; they are not able to see very well till they are approximately 10 weeks old.

3) People often think that if a kitten is wagging its tail it's happy but that may not always be true. Kittens also wag their tail when they are annoyed or are under some kind of stress.

4) Kittens purr for a few different reasons and you should try to know what they are trying to communicate. They purr to indicate that they are enjoying what you are doing, which may be rubbing them gently. Kittens also purr when they feel hungry and owners need to understand it so that they can give their little pet something to eat!

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