Everything You Need to Know About Spaying or Neutering Your Kitten

November 16
Image from magnusbrath at Flickr

Cats make excellent pets and can offer a good company. However, having a kitten also comes with responsibilities like feeding them, grooming them and making sure they are in good health. Neutering and spaying are one of the best things your can do for your kittens. Neutering is done to males while spaying is for female kittens.

When should you neuter/spay your kitten?
Veterinarians recommend spaying and neutering kittens when they are six months old. By doing this, you eliminate the potentiality of your kittens reproducing, and also you will observe some behavioral changes, such as your neutered male kitten will roam less and will rule out their chances of getting lost, injured or getting into fights with other cats. Let’s go through some benefits of spaying/ neutering your kitten

Benefits of Spaying Female Kittens
Be sure to do the procedure before your kitten's first heat cycle. The benefits include;

• Your female kitten will live a healthier, longer life. Spaying reduces chances of breast cancer and uterine infections
• Prevents unwanted pregnancies
• In ill or older cats, it prevents strenuous pregnancies and deliveries
• Spayed kittens will not go into heat
• Spaying kittens is cost-effective because you won’t end up with a bunch of cats to take care of

Benefits of Neutering Male Kittens
• Well behaved. Your neutered male kitten will be on his best behavior. Unneutered cats tend to mark their territories with strong-smelling urine in the house and compound
• Health benefits for your kitten. Neutering your male kitten before the age of six months will reduce their chances of getting testicular cancer
• Neutered kittens are less likely to fight which will prevent them from being infected by diseases like Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) which is transmitted through cat bites.

If you haven’t taken your kittens for neuter or spaying, take them to a professional veterinarian when they are six months old for their health depends on it.

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