Everyone Loves Cute Kittens!
July 20

While not all people are "cat people" per se, there are few who can deny the absolute cuteness of a small kitten. These tiny, furry, bundles of joy can give you a reason to smile even when you're feeling the blues. Everything that they do is precious, given their wide, innocent eyes, heart-warming meows and their tiny, padded paws. Following are four reasons why everyone loves cute kittens.

Kittens Sleep Two-Thirds Of The Day

Kittens are cute no matter what they're doing, but they are absolutely heart-stopping when curled up in tiny balls asleep. Young kittens spend as much as two-third of the day sleeping, given that this is only time when the growth hormone is released. They also start dreaming at one week of age.

A Kitten Will Only Meow For You

It is not common for kittens to meow at other cats. This is a sound that is usually reserved for humans. Best of all, there are more than a hundred meow sounds every kitten can make.

Big, Beautiful Eyes

In term of overall facial proportions, cats have of the biggest eyes in the animal kingdom. Kitten eyes are normally blue throughout the first several weeks of life. Thus, every kitten will have a penetrating and gorgeous gaze.

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