Essential Kitten Feeding Tips

November 30
Image from kellinahandbasket at Flickr

If you've never had a kitten before, there are a few things you should know when it comes to feeding it. 

Special Kitten Food.
As with all animals, kittens will get the food they need from their mothers. This will happen for the first four to five weeks of their life. Once they have been weaned, you can begin to feed your kitten food that has already been prepared. This may include: WiskasR Kitten Pouch.

Small Tummies, Large Appetites.
Whilst most kittens are small in size, you need to remember that they will grow very quickly. It is normal for most kittens to only eat a small amount in one go. Always feed your kitten small meals. This should be done at regular intervals. We recommend up to six times per day. When you first get your kitten, start by placing the food on a plate. This way the kitten will be able to simply lick it. This will give them the opportunity to taste the food they see. 

Different Foods.
When it comes to giving your kitten new food, take your time. Always do this in small amounts. If you make changes too quickly, your kitten's tummy may become upset.

Kittens must have regular access to water. Kittens can pick up smells they are not used to very easily. This is why you should keep the water bowl away from their litter tray and in a quiet location.

In this article, we have leaned that once kittens have been weaned, you can then be given prepared food. Kittens only eat small amounts. Give your kitten small meals at regular intervals. Take your time when introducing new foods. If you make changes too quickly, your kittens tummy may become upset. Always have water available. Keep the water bowl away from the litter tray in a quiet location.

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