How to Choose the Right Food for a Healthy, Happy Kitten

October 26
Image from cygnus921 at Flickr

From that moment you get your first kitten, it is imperative to keep it as healthy as possible and as long as you can. Kittens are like babies in many ways; they rely on their parent or their mom for care and food. They are looking for you to keep them healthy just as you do to your own kid. Ask anyone who loves cats; they will tell you that the best way to keep a kitten healthy is by feeding them a high-quality diet. What you are feeding you kitten will determine how they will look when fully grown.

However, finding the best food for kittens is very confusing and so to say very hard. There seem to be a huge number of choices out there, but the good news is that there is always the best food that can ensure your kitten grow healthy and strong.

Kittens usually benefit from food that are high in protein and fat. Cats are carnivores, and as carnivores they are designed to use high protein diet but with little carbohydrates if any. A diet with a high-percentage of protein will provide your kitten with the optimal nutrition necessary for growth.

Antioxidants are vital additions to kitten food. Selenium and Vitamin E are recognized to be the most important antioxidants for kitten health because they are able to neutralize free radicals (a by-product of digestion processes)

Your kitten health can also be positively impacted by food with fatty acids. Fatty acids are chains or carbon molecules linked with bonds either single or double bond. The position of the double bond is what determines whether it is Omega 3 or Omega 6 fatty acid. Both of these omega fats are essential for the health of your kitten. Omega 6, for example, keeps skin hydrated while Omega 3 prevents inflammatory conditions. There should be at least some fatty acids on your kitten food to ensure your kitten grow and thrive to be a healthy adult.

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